Kardex Shuttle XP Principle

KARDEX Shuttle® XP is an automated high-lift / stacker storage system modular in construction, which works on the principle of “goods to person”.
Maximum height can be used on a minimum floor area.

◆ Increases storage area
◆ Increases productivity
◆ Allows high speed for high order picking

Each KARDEX Shuttle® XP can be used as a standalone system or – if required– can be  extended to a composite system.

Flexible storage strategy
All products to be stored are measured with an electronic volume measuring system in 25mm increments and stored accordingly. An infinitely variable device raster (grid) at a distance of only 25mm makes it possible to cover minimum storage distances.

Efficiency is our first priority
◆ Optimum use of room height on small floor space
◆ Small 25mm screen (grid) for high-compression storage with minimum distances
Intelligent storage management
◆ Electronic speed control – up to 2.3 m/s
◆ Height control of goods to be stored

Security at the highest level
◆ Central guiding system with 8 times roller storage for high speeds
◆ An access opening with sliding doors to protect people and stored goods

Here you can see a movie of the system : http://youtu.be/eT8kswAGg7Q


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