Kardex Shuttle XP 500 – SOLD



1 piece of used KARDEX fully installed by an engineer and myself

and in working condition in your warehouse in Sydney (NSW).



Model No. : SHUTTLE-XP-500-3050×864

Control : C3000

Type : H/N55/N22D18B/N75D13/20

Serial No. : 09007184/001 and 09007184/002

Year of construction : 2009

Total Load : 2×33500 kg

Load per tray : 205 kg and 265 kg (heavier trays on request)

Tray dimension : 3050 x 864 mm

Number of tray’s : 40 pieces of 205 kg and 40 pieces of 265 kg (more on request)

Dimensions Shuttle W x D x H : 3380 x 3074 x 7950 mm

Power : 3/N/PE400 V , 17 A , 50/60 HZ , 8,6 kVA


Technical details :

● Maximum total capacity of the KARDEX Shuttle XP : 2 x 33,500 kg

● Maximum tray capacity : 40 tray’s MEDIUM , 205 kg and 40 tray’s STRONG , 265 kg

More and heavier trays can be ordered.

● Tray dimensions : 3050 x 864 mm

● Machine dimensions : Wide x Depth x Height : 3380 x 3074 x 7950 mm

● Footprint of the system : 10.39 m2

● Capacity with 80 trays : 210.82 m2 , every tray is appx. : 2,635 m2

● Electronic volume measuring system in 25 mm screen (grid)

● An access opening with sliding doors to protect people and stored goods

● Control C3000 with graphic display OP 3000

● Position indicator lamps for indication of the product position

● Anti-dazzle lighting above access point

● Personal Key-code possibility

● Containers locking / security

● Use of toothed-belt for minimum noise

● Use of toothed-belt for fastest order picking

● The working positions can be adjusted individually depending on the body size

● Distances can be realised in steps of 25mm by arranging the support profile.

a prerequisite for high compression storage

● Weight management controls the weight of the tray/Shuttle

● Weight management controls the speed regulation


Price : on request

Delivery time : appx. week 6 weeks (available end of April 2016)

Warranty : 4 weeks on parts


If you want I can order more or heavier tray’s (at extra cost) to increase the capacity of this system.


The equipment remains of DYNSTO till all the payments have been done.

DYNSTO is not responsible for differences between the specification in

this offer and the actual machine.

The equipment offered is subject to remaining unsold.


This order is only valid when building the Shuttle the engineers and myself have the cooperation of your staff when needed, there is enough space to install the Shuttle, we can use a forklift and Scissor lift and the floor is suitable.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


I hope to hear from you soon,



Anthony de Leeuw



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