Used Optimum Pallet Inverter

For Sale in very good condition used Optimum Dual Clamp Free standing Pallet Inverter / Rotator.
The Optimum pallet inverter is designed to rotate products in a pack held between two pallets through 180° efficiently and safely.
It can handle loads up to 2000kg, and with maximum pack dimensions 1200mm wide x 1200mm deep x 1600mm high.

The Optimum pallet inverter operation incorporates two main functions – the clamping function, and the rotating function. Both these functions are achieved through the use of hydraulic cylinders. The clamping function uses two clamping Tables which come together to hold the pack securely while it is being rotated.
A pressure switch is activated when the clamping pieces engage the pack to stop the clamping switches at the correct position.

The rotation is achieved by a further two cylinders which together turn the frame holding the clamping pieces and the pack through 180°. At the end of the travel limit switches are activated to stop the rotation, and allow the pack to be unclamped and removed.

The pallet inverter is protected by a safety fence on three sides, to prevent access while it is being used. On the remaining side, at the front of the unit, the opening is covered by a photocell beam. When this is broken the machine immediately stops, and must be reset before it can be operated again.

The inverter is operated via push button or radio remote control.

The pallet inverter has two modes of operation – manual and automatic

Load Tables : 1215 x 1215 mm
Max. Jaw Opening : 1750 mm
Min. Jaw Opening : 1170 mm
Max. Pack dimensions : W x D x H : 1200 x 1200 x 1600 mm
Max load capacity : 2000 kg
Machine Weight : appx. 2100kg
Year of build : 2010

Look on YouTube for a movie of this machine :

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